Elisa Harkins: Teach Me A Song

Elisa Harkins, Teach Me a Song – Louis Gray (Osage), 2023.Courtesy of the artist.

Elisa Harkins: Teach Me A Song

Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, AB - To Jan 13, 2024

by Robin Laurence

Southern Alberta Art Gallery Maansiksikaitsitapiitsinikssin. Five videos from Elisa Harkin’s ongoing song preservation project are presented in the SAAG’s Upper Gallery. Harkins, a Cherokee/Muscogee artist and composer, has asked Indigenous friends across the continent to teach her one song each; their performances are recorded on video and their songs transcribed as sheet music. Two of the videos, featuring songs from Blackfoot and Salteaux performers, were recorded specifically for this exhibition and further Harkins’ commitment to honouring contemporary Indigenous music.

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