A Case Of Bibliophilia: Christian Burchard

Christian Burchard, Pictures of an Exhibition III, 2023.Photo: Kristy Kún.

A Case Of Bibliophilia: Christian Burchard

Waterstone Gallery, Portland, OR - Nov 1 - Dec 3

by Joseph Gallivan

Woodworker Christian Burchard has diverged from furniture-making to sculpture. He reads the smooth madrone wood he sculpts as a reader reads a book, or the way a blind person reads Braille. His many ways of cutting and sanding the wood feel like a reader skimming, backtracking, pausing and plowing on. Both reader and sculptor seek to find the story in what they are offered, book or burl. The fact that the pieces look like books is immaterial; he could “read” the wood into any shape and still seduce us. Meet the artist Sun, Nov 19, 11 am.

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