Atravesando El Ojo (Through The Eye)

Carmen Mansilla, La Huella (Trace), 2023.

Atravesando El Ojo (Through The Eye)

Figure | Ground Gallery, Seattle, WA - Matthew Kangas

by To Nov 30

Seven artists from Spain are paired with six from the US and one from Israel in this survey of artists influenced by the contemporary realism of Antonio López García, whom the Australian art critic Robert C. Hughes in 1986 called “the greatest realist artist alive.” Paco Lafarga, Jorge Abbad, Rocío Cano, Carmen Mansilla, Eduardo Millán Sañudo, Irene Cuadrado and Nacho Vergara join Adam Cohn, of Israel, and the American artists Christopher Gallego, Peter Van Dyck, Dean Fisher, Josephine Robinson, Zoey Frank and Larine Chung.

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