First Impressions: Women Printmakers Of Washington

Dorothy Dolph Jensen, New Moon, c. 1945. Courtesy of the Estate of Dorothy Dolph Jensen.

First Impressions: Women Printmakers Of Washington

Cascadia Art Museum, Edmonds, WA - To July 16

by Christine Clark

This enlightened exhibition is the first ever survey of the women printmakers who were actively working as professional artists in Washington State during the early to mid-20th century. Leading artists featured in this show include Dorothy Dolph Jensen (1895-1977), who first learned to create etchings at age 13 as an art student in Paris. Other artists presented include Virna Haffer, Z. Vanessa Helder, Elizabeth Colborne and Helen Loggie, all of whom received national and sometimes international recognition for their work during a daring and innovative time in art history.

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