Connie Michele Morey: dwelling

arc.hive gallery, Victoria, BC

arc.hive artist run centre, Victoria, BC – November 11-26, 2017 
By Christine Clark
Having been raised on a farm, daughter to a family of masons on her father’s side and a mother, for whom, “almost everything she did around the home was a creative activity in the guise of domestic work”, Connie Michele Morey seeks to explore “a history of men working outside and women working inside”. Playfully subverting the traditional practice and purpose of work, Morey presents an apparently light-hearted ode to her own childhood experience of men and women.
Dwelling is a multi-faceted exibition including installation, sculpture and photography. Membrane, consists of a small, grey-weathered wooden house, inside of which pink hued colonies of egg-shaped, felted wool cover the walls and floors. Skeleton is a series of black and white photographs attached with corroded nails to a rustic wall sculpture and is intended to further explore unconventional modes of building and dwelling.
Dr. Morey, an instructor who offers courses in contemporary craft such as sculptural felting and the language of craft, at both UVic and the Vancouver Island School of Art, writes that “this exhibition merges the practices…of men…and women…so that the two subsist as an eco-system where the structure of the home is a living organism that breathes and dwells”.
Opening: Nov 10, 7pm

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