Modern Abstraction: A Journey In Paper + Stitch

David Owen Hastings, Kibun (Mood) (detail), 2023. Photo: David Owen Hastings.

Modern Abstraction: A Journey In Paper + Stitch

Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum, La Conner, WA - To Oct 29

by Christine Clark

Here’s a creative and inspiring exhibition of paper and fabric quilting by David Owen Hastings, a graphic designer, teacher, artist and quilter with a passion for making textile-based abstract designs. Hastings often dyes and paints his own fabrics, drawn to natural color palettes, including rust and verdigris. He has traveled to Japan to learn the ancient technique of shibori, or tie-dyeing, and uses this approach to create intricate patterns on paper, which he then stitches (using a vintage 1938 Singer Featherweight) into multi-layered compositions. David has been quilting paper for 20 years, and has described the process as both intuitive and addictive.

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