Svava Tergesen: Ornamental Cookery

Svava Tergesen, Granny Smith, Arctic Char (detail), 2022. Private Collection.

Svava Tergesen: Ornamental Cookery

Audain Art Museum, Whistler, BC - Apr 1 - Jun 11

by Robin Laurence

Emerging artist Svava Tergesen creates surreal still-life photographs from assemblages, collages and found imagery, employing food and other household objects and materials to query domesticity and gender roles. From a bruised apple overlaid with a fish skin star to a fancy dessert entwined with a snake-like vine, her works allude to a 1957 text by Roland Barthes while riffing on photos in homemaking magazines and vintage cookbooks. Guest curated by Emmy Lee Wall and co-organized with Capture Photography Festival.

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