Subtle Intimacy: Here And There

Rui Sasaki, Subtle Intimacy inside the Portland Japanese Garden’s Pavilion Gallery. Photo: Joseph Gallivan.

Subtle Intimacy: Here And There

Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, OR - To Jun 12

by Joseph Gallivan

Glass artist Rui Sasaki takes into account place, history, people, plants and weather as she works in kiln-shaped glass with Bullseye Studio. She has sandwiched plants in glass to make luminescent tiles and plates that capture the ghostly image of the burned-out stems and leaves, plus the random bubbles where gases collected. Sasaki is the first artist-in-residence of the garden-affiliated Japan Institute. The artist’s home is in Kanazawa, Japan, as gray and rainy as Portland, so expect some sympa- thetic shimmering from this self-confessed pluviophile (rain lover).

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