Richard Young: What Comes to Mind

Xchanges Gallery and Studios, Victoria, BC

XCHANGES GALLERY, Victoria BC - March 6 - 22
by Christine Clark
Maple Bay–based artist Richard Young is celebrating his first solo show of sculpture at Xchanges Gallery. On exhibit will be six free-form sculptures in sheet metal. Measuring between 5 and 8 feet tall, the works are richly hued in various shades of red and blue. Built to withstand outdoor conditions, Young’s sculptures are normally installed on heavy concrete blocks, but in gallery will be bolted onto movable plinths.
Inspired by Barbara Hepworth, whom Young describes as a personal hero, the work is a marvellous antidote to straight-line architecture. Besides being a sculptor, Young is an accomplished rower (winner of a silver medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games) and local rowing coach; he spends time walking beaches every day and is deeply impacted by the endless fluidity of the ocean.

Richard Young, Form 3, 2019, paint on
sheet metal

Young grew up in the UK, in a family of successful entrepreneurs and artists who design and manufacture beautiful objects for the home, including woollen carpets and textiles and amusing ceramic collectibles. A self-taught artist, Young is similarly motivated to create pleasing shapes.Before turning his attention to sheet metal, Young was renowned for his work in carving stone sinks from locally sourced boulders as luxury products for homes.
The sculptor describes himself as an emerging artist and his work as a form of expression. A nascent ballet dancer, Young says that the works in this show are an embodiment of his appreciation for physical movement, and especially for dance. Whether the ebb and fl ow of the ocean, or the graceful attitude of the human form, dance and movement is Young’s ultimate influence.
Opening reception March 6, 7-9pm
Artist talk March 15, 2pm

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