Women Artists Changing Collections: Recent Acquisitions

UVic Legacy Art Galleries, Victoria, BC

LEGACY DOWNTOWN, 630 Yates St, Victoria BC - To Jul 20
by Christine Clark
Women Artists Changing Collections: Recent Acquisitions, co-curated by Lorilee Wastasecoot and Bradley Clements, is an exhibition of women artists chosen from the University of Victoria’s vast collection.
“This exhibition was a way to honour and hold up the women artists whose art has recently been acquired by the Legacy,” says Wastasecoot. “It was also a way to critically self-reflffect on the Legacy Art Gallery collection practices.”
Clements says, “Personally, I think of a recent experience in a national gallery. I was having a great time and appreciating the exhibition, but it was not until I eventually came across a single work by a woman artist that it struck me that all of the works up to that point had been by men.”
“I'd say to anyone who doesn't believe women are treated di erently than men in the arts: go online and take a look at our collection. You will come to the same conclusion Bradley and I have come to,” says Wastasecoot.
“I hope that an exhibition like Women Artists Changing Collections can stand as an uncompromising reminder to visitors and curators of the importance of having representative collections and exhibitions, and of noticing and responding when they are not,” says Clements. Included in the exhibition are works by Mary Pratt, Jenny Waelti-Walters, Eva Campbell, Marika Echachis Swan, Andrea Wilbur-Sigo and Meryl McMaster.
Lou-ann Neel in conversation with Lorilee Wastasecoot and Mary Jo Hughes: June 6, 7pm

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