Kane Ikeda: Parts Of Cosmic Tree Ii

Kanetaka Ikeda, Parts of Cosmic Tree – Seeds #3 view 1, 2020

Kane Ikeda: Parts Of Cosmic Tree Ii

Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR - Sep 1 – 26

by Joseph Gallivan

Kane Ikeda had a dream in the ’80s and ran with it, creating a personal mythology in which he is the being at the center of a system of planets and stars. His cosmos is pictured as a tree, in many different media. Ikeda is from Japan, lived in Oregon through college, and then moved to Sapporo in the late 1980s for 20 years. In the same space, keep an eye out for Monica Mitchell’s Fantasia Las Meninas. Painting on found objects, she explores female gender roles, masquerade, camouflage and consumerism.

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