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Blackfish Gallery

by Meredith Areskoug

420 NW 9th Ave

Portland, OR


HOURS: tue, thu and sat 11am-5pm.

To Nov 28
The Love Politik: One World, Indivisible. Group show organized by Christopher Shotola-Hartd. Programming includes the Be About Love VIRTUAL Festival, featuring curated musical acts (in jazz, blues, folk, and indie genres) along with performance art, theater, poetry, and dance.

Dec 1-Jan 2
Rita Alves: Flag Paintings. The act of cutting, hand sewing, and painting the American flag, and then sewing with a mirror-like representation of the working class, is meant as both iconoclasm of the symbol for a nation in crisis and redemption. Sue Tower: Treasures in India’s Art History. Based on research into 14th and 19th century paintings on paper made between the 14th & 19th centuries, Tower was compelled to bring them back to life by reproducing a response to them using oils on canvas.

Jan 5-30
Myra Clark: Context confines itself to exploring six words that define her as an individual and as an artist. Medium is cast plaster, paper mache, and egg tempera which form the basis for her Greek pillars and iconography.

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