Artistic Pairings

Laurel Johannesson, You Don’t Call Me Anymore, 2020

Artistic Pairings

Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB - Sep 12 – Oct 10

by Robin Laurence

This show mounts the works of creative couples side by side; it also gives us a privileged view into how these artists “influence, inspire and support” their mates. Chosen from the gallery’s stable and beyond, six Canadian couples are featured: Katie Ohe and Harry Kiyooka, Renée Duval and Dennis Ekstedt, Barbara Milne and Bill Laing, Genevieve Dionne and Ben Skinner, Laurel Johannesson and Marty Kaufman, and Nicole Collins and Michael Davidson. Works range from Duval’s hyper-realist paintings of impossible trees to Ohe’s abstract aluminum sculptures.

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