Jessica Slipp: With & Of (Becoming Rock)

Jessica Slipp, Becoming Rock (Wind Farm Rock), 2021, video still. Courtesy of the artist.

Jessica Slipp: With & Of (Becoming Rock)

Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, Edmonton, AB - Jul 26 – Sep 7

by Lissa Robinson

Jessica Slipp, a Montreal-based interdisciplinary artist, explores the fusion between humans and the landscape with an immersive multimedia installation that includes video performances and paper sculptures. Enhanced by ambient soundscapes, the looping videos convey the cyclical nature of time. Paper sculptures, resembling rock formations, reflect Slipp's process of camouflaging herself into the landscape using digital prints of rock textures. Her work challenges perceptions of body and earth, advocating for a more empathetic relationship with nature amidst ecological crises.

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