Fire in Her Hands: Elke Blodgett

Elke Blodgett, working in her cabin, date unknown.

Fire in Her Hands: Elke Blodgett

Art Gallery of St. Albert, St. Albert, AB - Jul 11 – Aug 10

by Lissa Robinson

Fire in Her Hands marks the debut retrospective of the late Elke Blodgett’s visionary ceramics and celebrates her as an artist, kiln builder and environmental advocate. Blodgett, who came to Canada in 1966 from Germany, found comfort in nature. Earthy in weight, shape and texture, her raku vessels epitomize the delicate interplay between the planet’s fragility and its resiliency. The ancient Japanese firing method of raku lends itself to creating unique hand-crafted pottery. For Blodgett, it opened the door to self-discovery and creative expression.

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