This is an Emergency Broadcast

Banchi Hanuse (director, writer) and Lantern Films (producer), Nuxalk Radio (Nuhawhawa hosting Palxcit Wake Up Morning Show), 2021, video still.

This is an Emergency Broadcast

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC - Jun 21 – Aug 11

by Michael Turner

This project by artist and activist Marianne Nicolson (Musgamakw/Dzawada’enuxw) begins with a recognition of the role community radio plays in Indigenous communities and manifests as an exhibition of “audio recordings that clarify a history of Indigenous articulation, collective organization and opposition to colonial forces.” Accompanying this inventive display of recordings are archival images and a reading room that provides visual, audio and text sources, in addition to a history of the radio as both a tool and a medium in the history of modern art.

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