Daphne Minkoff: Façades

Daphne Minkoff, Façade of Durability, View #2, 2023.

Daphne Minkoff: Façades

Harris Harvey Gallery, Seattle, WA - Feb 1 - Mar 2

by Christine Clark

Daphne Minkoff’s collage and oil-on-canvas paintings are poetic renderings of the eroding architecture of our recent past. These are the empty old homes seen everywhere on the West Coast, boarded up and fenced off, awaiting demolition for the sake of progress and density. In Minkoff’s paintings these old houses offer up a moment of calm, of stillness, quite outside of the reality of modern life, and give us an opportunity to experience unconventional beauty, nostalgia, and the anxiety, discomfort and hope inherent in times of great change. Minkoff completed an MFA at Rhode Island School of Design and currently teaches painting and drawing at North Seattle College.

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