Carollyne Yardley: Becoming Plastic   

Carollyne Yardley, Becoming-with from Sympoetics of Squirrealism (detail), 2021

Carollyne Yardley: Becoming Plastic   

Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria, BC - To Apr 16

by Robin Laurence

In her artist’s statement, Carollyne Yardley speaks of the global plague of plastic pollution, its ubiquity extending even to microplastics found in the placentas of pregnant  humans and other mammals worldwide. This frightening situation is the subtext of Yardley’s installation of unsettling photographs and small assemblages. Disembodied human-animal “hands,” sprouting fur out of the fingers of nitrile gloves, speak to “human animality, co-evolution and multi-species survival.” 

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