Annie Briard: In Possible Lands

Annie Briard, In Possible Lands VIII, 2020. Courtesy of the artist

Annie Briard: In Possible Lands

Art Gallery at Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, BC - Ongoing

by Robin Laurence

A series of colour inkjet prints on vinyl by Canadian artist Annie Briard is installed in the exterior lobby windows of the Evergreen Cultural Centre. Imagery consists of superimposed landscape photographs, arrived at through a process of slide projections that randomly pair photos taken by the artist’s father with those taken 45 years later by Briard. The effect is to confront us with familiar landscape tropes while also registering the impact human activity has had on the natural environment over the past few decades. As well, Briard challenges us to consider the nature of visual perception and how it shapes our understanding of the world.

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