Celebrating The Aggv Collection

Emily Carr, Big Eagle, Skidegate, B.C., 1929 Donated in memory of Dorothy Plaunt Dyde, 1980.034.001

Celebrating The Aggv Collection

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC - To May 19, 2021

by Robin Laurence

From Emily Carr paintings and Tony Hunt masks to a Brendan Tang ceramic sculpture, and from Utagawa Hiroshige woodblock prints and E.J. Hughes pencil drawings to Meryl McMaster performance-based photographs, the best of the permanent collection is on view throughout the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria this summer and into next year. The periodically changing exhibits are organized to reveal the best of the gallery’s holdings and new acquisitions. Following the pause imposed by COVID-19, director Jon Tupper says, focusing on the collection allows the AGGV to create rewarding and responsible experiences for visitors “as they start to venture out, looking for opportunities to reconnect to the world and each other safely.”

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