Jenn E. Norton: Slipstream

Carmen Papalia / Heather Kai Smith, Interdependence is Central to the Radical Restructuring of Power, 2020. Courtesy of the artists

Jenn E. Norton: Slipstream

Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC - Through the summer

by Robin Laurence

This immersive six-channel video installation by Guelph-based interdisciplinary artist Jenn E. Norton consists of six reflective panels positioned in a ring and facing inward, reflecting each other and the viewer in infinite regress. A videotaped dancing figure in a flowing blur of coloured silk also appears, moving from panel to panel, disrupting the mirrored images and seeming to inhabit the same physical space as the viewer. Influencing Norton’s work are Art Nouveau scenography, spectral forms of technology and the innovative modern-dance artist Loie Fuller (1862-1928), who, according to the show’s curators, “used her voluminous robes as a performative sculptural object.”

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