Erica Grimm: Salt Water Skin Boats

Erica L. Grimm in collaboration with Tracie Stewart and Sheinagh Anderson Lifeboat 3, 2017 Photo: Sharon Huget

Erica Grimm: Salt Water Skin Boats

The Reach Gallery Museum, Abbotsford, BC - To May 5

by Robin Laurence

Working in collaboration with sound artist Sheinagh Anderson and arborist-artist Tracie Stewart, Erica Grimm looks at our deep and abiding connection with the world’s oceans. Grimm’s installation comprises sculptural forms that are inspired by ancient water-going vessels. Made of a range of materials, including willow, dogwood, cheesecloth, bathymetric maps, beeswax, binder twine and LED lights, these forms are suspended in the dimly lit gallery and are complemented by an evocative soundscape.

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