Alix Pearlstein: Harem Room-1 And Two Women

Alex Pearlstein, Harem-Room-1 (detail), 2016. Image Courtesy of the artist and Upfor

Alix Pearlstein: Harem Room-1 And Two Women

Upfor, Portland, OR - Feb 1-24

by Allyn Cantor

In this solo exhibit, two experiential works by New York artist Alix Pearlstein address a psychological understanding of complex human motivations and exchanges. Harem ROOM-1 (2016) is a sculptural installation of furry cats staged to highlight the idiosyncrasies of social interactions and hierarchies through the interplay of social groupings, affections and individuality. Her video piece Two Women (2000) uses tension and suggestion between male and female to portray notions of real and fake desire, as depicted by the media.

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