A Year From Now: Works From the Permanent Collection

A YEAR FROM NOW: WORKS FROM THE PERMANENT COLLECTION is the catalogue to the recent Kelowna Art Gallery exhibition, guest curated by artist Wanda Lock. Her highly personal text expresses her sense of connection with and responses to the art and artists represented here, including Leonhard Epp, Gathie Falk, Wanda Koop, Landon Mackenzie, Vicky Marshall, Steve Mennie and Norval Morrisseau. The works Lock cites also trigger memories of her Okanagan childhood and her art education in Vancouver. Poems by Carin Covin, Ashleigh Giffen, Shimshon Obadia, Laisha Rosnau, and Michael Turner and essays by Hanss Lujan Torres and Robin Laurence speak
to artists, artmaking, curating and collecting.

Available at the Kelowna Art Gallery
Type:SoftcoverPages:80Price:$10 CAD

Available at the Kelowna Art Gallery, 250-762-2226.

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