A Century Of Exhibiting At The Alberta College Of Art And Design

A CENTURY OF EXHIBITING AT THE ALBERTA COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN is published in conjunction with the exhibition Unpacking IKG: 60 Years a Gallery at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery (to Dec. 8). Working collaboratively, ACAD professor Jennifer Salahub and IKG curator Ashley Slemming have assembled a history (and prehistory) of Calgary’s longest-running art gallery from a “patchwork” of archival materials, including letters, posters, slides and press releases. The IKG, they conclude, “has not simply been regurgitating history – it has been creating it.”


Available at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery
Type:SoftcoverPages:44Price:$15 CAD

Available at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, 403-284-7633.

Prices may be subject to additional charges for postage, handling and taxes.
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