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by Meredith Areskoug

1000 Duane St.


HOURS: fri-sat 12-5pm and by appt.

Nov 14-Dec 5
Iris Sullivan Daire: Preserved: healing stories of plants & ancestors. Artist and naturalist dyer Iris Sullivan Daire of Dream Bird Studio offers a contemplative installation for these times of peril. Foraged colors on hand printed, stitched and woven cloth celebrate a seven year journey of healing. Sullivan Daire of Astoria uses natural dyes as a portal to deeper relationships to self, others and the natural world.

Dec 9-Jan 6
Outside In. Once again Roger Hayes returns to his metier, Outsider Art, this time as a curator presenting artwork made by unhoused residents of Clatsop County, Oregon. “It’s not necessary to measure the art by the length of the diploma, or the dollars on the price tag, unless you find it suitable to keep a closed mind.” Hayes invites us to question our value system and consider systemic issues that contribute to the pervasive nature of homelessness.


Astoria Visual Arts (AVA) places the arts at the center of a changing rural community and economy by supporting artists, encouraging artistic opportunity and diversity, and serving as an artistic hub of cooperation, education and information-sharing.

The AVA Center for the Arts presents artwork by new and emerging artists as well as established artists who create work outside the mainstream. Fiber arts, experimental and conceptual art, music, spoken word, multimedia and performance art events mingled with the visual arts.