In The Present Moment: Buddhism, Contemporary Art And Social Practice

IN THE PRESENT MOMENT: BUDDHISM, CONTEMPORARY ART AND SOCIAL PRACTICE focuses on the intersection of Buddhist thought and artistic production in Canada and the US from the mid-20th century to the present day. Works discussed range from Mark Tobey’s sumi ink abstractions, Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece and John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing to Haruko Okano’s Hands of the Compassionate One, Howie Tsui’s Mount Abundance and the Tiptoe People and Qwul’thilum’s Dharma Wheel. What all the artists represented here have in common, Haema Sivanesan writes, is a sense of living mindfully. With essays and interviews by Sivanesan and six guest writers and artists. Published by Figure.1 in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

Available at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
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C$45 / US$40. Available at bookstores, online and at the AGGV Gallery Shop, 250-384-4171, ext. 296.

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