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Feb – Mar 2018 Oregon Vignettes

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By Allyn Cantor

Robert Frank, Tunnel (video still), 2005 ©Robert Frank

ROBERT FRANK BOOKS AND FILMS: 1947-2017 Blue Sky, Portland, To Feb 25

Conceived of by Robert Frank and Gerhard Steidl, this exhibition emphasizes
artistic imagery over value of art. Instead of displaying Frank’s fragile original silver gelatin prints, these images are printed on sheets of newsprint hung from the gallery walls and ceilings, with a handful of films and video projected directly onto the walls. This temporary pop-up style of presentation is in line with Frank’s milieu. He is considered the inventor of street photography and is known for his influential photography book, The Americans, published in the late 1950’s, with an introduction by Beat Generation poet, Jack Kerouac.

Vedem, The Underground Magazine of the Terezin Ghetto


Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, Portland, To May 27

During World War II, a group of teenage Jewish boys authored the longest-running underground magazine to be regularly produced by Nazi concentration camp prisoners. Vedem (Czech for “In the Lead”) was created in secret from 1942-44 in Czechoslovakia’s Terezin Ghetto. This exhibit recreates the prose, poetry, illustrations and pop art graphics from the 83 weekly issues. Reproductions of the original content are reimagined as a contemporary magazine, as a work of rebellion and social commentary, still relevant today.

Justin L'Amie, Flower Arrangement 7, 2018

JUSTIN L’AMIE: MIDNIGHT FLORIST PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, To Feb 24

Influenced by the principles of Northwest Mystics, Morris Graves and Mark Tobey, Northwest native, Justin L’Amie, draws from the wealth of natural resources that characterize the region. His imaginative Midnight Florist paintings depict variations within the familiar world of plants and insects that exist within the mind of the artist, pointing to a spiritual realm versus a logical one. L’Amie was selected for an upcoming solo show at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. In 2016, he was also awarded a residency at the Morris Graves Foundation.

Alex Pearlstein, Harem-Room-1 (detail), 2016. Image Courtesy of the artist and Upfor


Upfor Gallery, Portland Feb 1-24

In this solo exhibit, two experiential works by New York artist Alix Pearlstein address a psychological understanding of complex human motivations and exchanges. Harem ROOM-1 (2016) is a sculptural installation of furry cats staged to highlight the idiosyncrasies of social interactions and hierarchies through the interplay of social groupings, affections and individuality. Her video piece Two Women (2000) uses tension and suggestion between male and female to portray notions of real and fake desire, as depicted by the media.

MK Guth, What Needs to be Said, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and the Cristin Tierney Gallery, New York. Photo: Dan Kvitka

MK GUTH: PAYING ATTENTION Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem, To Apr 1

This exhibit features a range of new and previously created still-life installations by nationally recognized multi-disciplinary artist, MK Guth. In her thought-provoking works, the Portland artist encourages a level of interaction where artistic intention comes to fruition through the engagement of museum visitors. What Needs to Be Said is an installation of artist-created books inviting people to write their thoughts and beliefs about a broad range of topics into volumes, which are categorized by the subjects of art, ecology, identity, politics and love.