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  Previews Back  November 2011 – January 2012

Renay Egami

Travelers: Objects of Dream and Revelation

Bellevue Arts Museum
Bellevue WA – Aug 26-Dec 31, 2011

generation whY

APEX: Adam Sorensen

Portland Art Museum
Portland OR – Sep 3-Jan 1, 2012

Italian Drawings

Group Exhibition/Emotional Blackmail

Southern Alberta Art Gallery
Lethbridge AB – Sep 24-Nov 13, 2011


The Artist’s Touch, The Craftsman’s Hand: Three Decades of Japanese Prints from the Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum
Portland, OR – Oct 1-Jan 22, 2012

Michael Campbell

Marion Llewelyn: Snow Asylum

Bellevue Gallery
West Vancouver BC – Oct 13-Nov 12, 2011

Atilla Richard Lukacs

David Mayrs:
After That All Hell Broke Loose

Trench Contemporary Art
Vancouver BC – Oct 20-Nov 12, 2011

Sister Corita Kent

Painting Seattle: Kamekichi Tokita & Kenjiro Nomura

Seattle Asian Art Museum
Seattle WA – Oct 22-Feb 19, 2012

Gu Xiong

Lesley Dill’s Poetic Visions

Whatcom Museum
Bellingham WA – Oct 23-Mar 4, 2012

Landon Mackenzie

Studies in Decay

Or Gallery
Vancouver BC – Oct 29-Dec 10, 2011

Collected Resonance

Nature, Knowledge and the Knower

Satellite Gallery
Vancouver BC – Oct 29-Jan 14, 2012

Art = Libération

Folk Treasures of Mexico

Tacoma Art Museum
Tacoma WA – Oct 29-Feb 19, 2012

Luis Camnitzer

Jerry Pethick

Simon Fraser University Gallery
Burnaby BC – Nov 5-Dec 17, 2011

Japanese Prints

Kate Scoones:
Wish You Were Here

Polychrome Fine Arts
Victoria BC – Nov 13-Dec 1, 2011

John Cole

Kai McCall, Mo Tan and Kwan Yu

Jacana Gallery
Vancouver BC – Nov 15-Dec 18, 2011

Danny Singer

Robert Orchardson:
Endless façade

Contemporary Art Gallery
Vancouver BC – Nov 18-Jan 15, 2012

Danny Singer

Joe David and
Preston Singletary

Spirit Wrestler Gallery
Vancouver BC – Nov 19-Dec 10, 2011

Danny Singer

Norman Lundin: Inside/Outside

Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Salem OR – Nov 19-Jan 22, 2012

Danny Singer

Ray Mead (1921-1998)

Granville Fine Art
Vancouver BC – Nov 26-Dec 10, 2011

Danny Singer

Douglas Coupland:
Twelve Slogans for the
Early Twenty-first Century

TrépanierBaer Gallery
Calgary AB – Dec 8-Jan 14, 2012

Danny Singer

Greg Snider

Deluge Contemporary Art
Victoria BC – Jan 27-Feb 25, 2012

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