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  Previews Back   April – May 2006

Rosome Masters

Rozome Masters of Japan

Bellevue Arts Museum
Bellevue WA – through Jun 18, 2006

Michael Doward

Michael Dowad: The Visitor

Atelier Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 1-19


Heyday: Peter Freitag, Kristi Malakoff and Sarah Massecar

Vancouver BC – Apr 1- May 6

Jessica Bushey

Jessica Bushey: Privy Series

Bjornson Kajiwara Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 6-29

Marcel Barbeau

Marcel Barbeau:
Vertiginous Limits

Elliott Louis Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 6-23

Certain Encounters

Certain Encounters

The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 7-Jun 4

Gershon Iskowitz

Gershon Iskowitz:
Selected Paintings 1976-1984

Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art
Calgary AB – Apr 8-May 6, 2006

Lisa Klapstock

Lisa Klapstock: liminal

Kamloops Art Gallery
Kamloops BC – Apr 9-May 28, 2006

Vancouver School

Vancouver School

Artists for Kids Gallery
North Vancouver BC – Apr 18-May 13

Barry Cogswell

Barry Cogswell:
Inheritance Remnants

Ferry Building
West Vancouver BC – Apr 18-May 7

Maya Lin

Maya Lin:
Systematic Landscapes

Henry Art Gallery
Seattle WA – Apr 22-Oct 1, 2006

Lucinda Parker

Lucinda Parker: Moving

Laura Russo Gallery
Portland OR – May 4-27, 2006

Malia Jensen

Malia Jensen: Nature Studies

Elizabeth Leach Gallery
Portland OR – May 4-27, 2006

Milos Jones

Milos Jones:
Imprint of Form and Process

Malaspina Printmakers
Vancouver BC – May 16-Jun 11

John Pangnark

John Pangnark

Marion Scott Gallery
Vancouver BC – May 20-Jun 24

Edwin Holgate

Edwin Holgate: Canadian Painter

Glenbow Museum
Calgary AB – through Jun 4, 2006

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