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  Previews Back   April – May, 2005

Damian Moppett

Damian Moppett:
The Visible Work

Contemporary Art Gallery
Vancouver BC – thru Apr 24

Ceciliá Z. Miguez

Ceciliá Z. Miguez

Buschlen Mowatt Gallery
Vancouver BC – thru Apr 30

Henk Pander

Henk Pander: Paintings

Laura Russo Gallery
Portland OR – Apr 7-30

Etienne Zack

Etienne Zack

Equinox Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 7-30

Stephen Hutchings

Stephen Hutchings

Jennifer Kostuik Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 7-3

Andre Petterson

Andre Petterson: Voice

Bau-Xi Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Apr -30


Urban Insights

Kamloops Art Gallery
Kamploops BC – Apr 10-May 15

Cory Fuhr

Cory Fuhr

Elliott Louis Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 15-May 8

Edward Epp

Edward Epp: The Human Figure (Paintings 1990-2005)

Marion Scott Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 23-May 22


Layers of Meaning:
The Art Quilt 2005

Contemporary Crafts Museum & Gallery
Portland OR – thru May 11

Barbara Noah

Barbara Noah: Likely Stories

Baas Art Gallery
Seattle WA – May 2-28

Donna Baspaly

Donna Baspaly:
The Imaginative Eye

Kurbatoff Art Gallery
Vancouver, BC – May 5-19

Alan Fulle

Alan Fulle: New Work

William Traver Gallery
Seattle WA – May 5-29

Gary Cody

Gary Cody: Pushing Tin

Diane Farris Gallery
Vancouver BC – May 12-28


The Illustrator’s Show

Linda Lando Fine Art
Vancouver BC – May 14-28

Heather Aston

Below and Above:
Heather Aston and Rina Pita

Malaspina Printmakers
Vancouver BC – May 24-June 19

Bell Smith

Rhythm and Change:
The Bow in Contemporary Art

Glenbow Museum
Calgary AB – thru June 5

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