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Otto Rogers

Gallery Jones
Vancouver BC Nov 2-30, 2004

Otto Rogers - Infinite Spaces
Otto Rogers, Infinite Spaces (2004), acrylic on canvas [Gallery Jones, Vancouver BC, Nov 2-30]

Ontario painter Otto Rogers has made a significant contribution to Canadian art during his career. With Jack Shadbolt, Rogers was a pioneer participant in the Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop in 1955. During his 45-year career, he was a painting instructor at a number of Canadian universities. His work is included in virtually every notable corporate, museum and university collection in Canada.

Rogers now lives in picturesque Prince Edward County on Lake Ontario. In his prime at 70 years, he continues to construct archetypal shapes with saturated, low-key colours using acrylic paint on canvas or mixed media on paper. In a style similar to that of the American painter and printmaker Robert Motherwell, Rogers’ imagery has a collage-like quality with dominant, off-centered abstract shapes. His signature motifs, rectangles, diamond shapes and large ovals, are easily recognizable as distinctively his own.

Otto Rogers, Oval Garden (2004), mixed media on paper [Gallery Jones, Vancouver BC, Nov 2-30]

Otto Rogers was a Professor and Head of the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Saskatchewan from 1959 to 1988, after which he worked with the World Headquarters of the Bahá’i Faith in Haifa, Israel. For the past 30 years, Rogers’ work has regularly been featured in major public galleries across Canada.

Mia Johnson

 Tue, Nov 2, 2004