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Daniel Richter

Morris & Helen Belkin Art Gallery
Vancouver BC thru Nov 20, 2004

Daniel Richter - Punktum
Daniel Richter, Punktum (2003), oil canvas [Morris & Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, through Nov 28]

German-born Daniel Richter lives and works in Berlin. He has been described as one of Europe's most acclaimed artists since he turned the art world on its ear in 1999 with a revival of historical painting. Richter’s large-scale work combines elements of European politics with strange narratives and reproductions of contemporary artworks, book covers, film stills, newspaper clippings, comic images and record album covers. Each image is like a kaleidescope of dreams and social commentary – garishly hued and almost opaque in meaning.

Daniel Richter - Bas
Daniel Richter, Bas (2002), oil, lacquer on canvas, [Morris & Helen Belkin Art Gallery Vancouver BC, through Nov 28] collection of Mordes, Baltimore and Jupiter FLA

Prior to 1999, Richter had established himself as a strong abstract painter. Elements of his previous paintings co-exist in the new work through splashes of mixed media, spider-like webs of colour and thick, ambivalent forms. He explores the impact of popular culture, the epic narrative, the bucolic mindlessness of European landscape painting and the twilight-lit, graffiti-filled urban topography to critical acclaim. There is much to see in his work, which nonetheless remains visually restrictive and enigmatic.

This exhibition of nine important paintings is co-curated and organized by Wayne Baerwaldt, Director of The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto; Kitty Scott, Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa; and Scott Watson, Director/Curator of the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Mia Johnson

Daniel Richter - Jeans
Daniel Richter, Jeans (2002), oil on canvas, [Morris & Helen Belkin Art Gallery Vancouver BC, through Nov 28] collection of David Teiger

 Mon, Nov 8, 2004