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Daekyoon Yoo

Phthalo Gallery
Vancouver BC Dec 2-23, 2004

Daekyoon Yoo - Dance
Daekyoon Yoo, Dance (2001), bronze [Phthalo Gallery, Vancouver BC, Dec 2-23]

Korean artist Daekyoon Yoo works in a neo-classical style of figurative sculpture. Through his finely detailed pieces, he presents a romantic view of male and female figures both nude and clothed, in humble solitude or in epic narratives.

Daekyoon identifies closely with 18th and 19th Century mannerisms in dress and style. Many of his figures have an old fashioned, Dresden-like appeal. The postures of his models emulate poses used by classical sculptors since the time of Michelangelo: reclining nudes, armless torsos, a mother nursing her baby, the winged Icarus, Samson wrestling a lion and Elijah with his horses.

Emmet Gowin - Assemble Buildings and Munitions Storage, Hawthorne Army Depot, Nevada (1988)
Daekyoon Yoo, Sleeping Lady (1997), bronze [Phthalo Gallery, Vancouver BC, Dec 2-23]

Unique to Daekyoon are a number of hand figurines that express various emotions. The Hand Series is being exhibited for the first time outside of Korea, where last year, Daekyoon received an Artist of the Year award. Each hand is caught in a simple gesture; one appears in supplication, another sowing seed and a third one dancing. The hands are petite, in the three to seven inch range.

By allowing traces of the original, rough plaster to remain attached to the perfectly modelled forms, Daekyoon emphasizes the contrast of human aesthetics with natural materials. The sculptures emerge cleanly from their coarse shells. The works are in bronze as well as plaster.

Mia Johnson

 Tue, Nov 2, 2004