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Tyler Hodgins, Rings

Tyler Hodgins, Rings (2006), brown card [Polychrome Gallery, Victoria BC, Oct 9-23]

Tyler Hodgins: Small Things

Polychrome Fine Art
Victoria BC – Oct 9-23, 2014

Tyler Hodgins is a Victoria-based sculptor best known for his increasingly successful practice in public art. His Sleeping Bag project, for instance, was a powerful and intensive months-long process commissioned by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in 2012. Hodgins cast coloured ice in the life-size form of a person huddled deep inside a sleeping bag. Each week, a freshly frozen form was placed on one of Victoria’s many park benches and left to melt away over the course of days to nothing.

Hodgins has been commissioned for several other public art projects as well, all in materials slightly more permanent than ice. Glass Half Full (stainless steel, concrete, epoxy, rubber and mechanics, 2011) is at Holland Point Park in Victoria. The very beautiful Rings (stainless steel and concrete, 2007) is situated at the start of the Lochside Trail in Saanich. And Gateway (stainless steel, 2010) is at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond.

About his exhibition Small Things, Hodgins notes: “Making models for public art projects has informed the work for this show in some cases. This show is a collection of pieces that are all smaller in scale and that I have toyed with in the past. The materials tend to be modest, mostly paper-based, with a few exceptions. Some found materials and series, with themes that I have touched on before, such as repetition and labour, as well as personal and public space.”

Christine Clark

Tyler Hodgins, Tape Press Ten Seconds Series

Tyler Hodgins, Tape Press Ten Seconds Series (2012), Plexiglass, audiotape, magnets [Polychrome Gallery, Victoria BC, Oct 9-23]

 Wed, Sep 17, 2014