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Robert Youds:
beautifulbeautiful artificial field

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Victoria BC – Aug 17-Oct 21, 2007

Robert Youds - Plato's Cave

Robert Youds, Plato's Cave (2005), aluminum, Plexiglas, LED colour-changing tubes, theatre lamp, electronic controls, electric fans, foil [Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria BC, Aug 17-Oct 21] photo: John Yanyshyn

Robert Youds is a Victoria painter and senior professor in the Visual Arts Department of the University of Victoria since 1989. Over the past four decades, his work has shifted from abstract expressionist painting and colour field abstractions to sofa cushions tied with rope and hung on the wall to his current mixed media works involving neon light, found objects, plexiglass and other techno-industrial materials. He describes his working process as “a ragpicker's esthetic…I start with certain materials, and they lead me."

The current exhibiton, beautifulbeautiful artificial field, employs banks of LEDs, theatre spotlights and video screens to illuminate small artificial fields he calls "light works" or "light paintings”. The light sources are diffused through frosted Plexiglas and such translucent materials as beach balls and plastic slip covers. The colour spreads beautifully from its source onto the walls and floor of the gallery.

Robert Youds - skymud

Robert Youds, skymud (2006), cast plastic, fluorescent lights [Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria BC, Aug 17-Oct 21] photo: John Yanyshyn

The exhibit, which presents ten years of Youds’ unique work, shows a myriad of ways in which he has explored perception, space, colour, light, representation and abstraction. ”Space, abstraction, perception, light and the beholder are the key ingredients to my meditations on the world,” he states. A full colour catalogue includes texts by American critics Barry Schwabsky and Saul Ostrow, and an interview with Canadian painter Karin Davie.


Mia Johnson


Thursday, Sept 13, 7:30pm
with Robert Youds


Thursday, Sept 27,
with Robert Youds, American critics Saul Ostrow and Barry Schwabsky, moderated by Sara Krajewski, Associate Curator from The Henry Art Gallery

Robert Youds - Sunday

Robert Youds, Sunday (2006), Lexan, fluorescent lights, assorted objects [Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria BC, Aug 17-Oct 21] photo: John Yanyshyn

 Tue, Sep 7, 2010