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Mary-Ann Liu and Cyrus Yavneh:
Doodle Does It

Elliott Louis Gallery
Vancouver BC – Sep 11-30, 2007

Mary-Ann Liu - Tornado

Mary-Ann Liu,Tornado (2007), bronze [Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, Sep 11-30]

Doodle Does It: A Journey from Doodles to Bronze is a remarkable artistic collaboration between graphic designer Mary-Ann Liu and filmmaker/writer Cyrus Yavneh. From Yavneh’s abundant scribbles and sketches on paper, which Liu describes as “a treasure trove of musical notes and amoebic forms,” Liu was inspired to construct three-dimensional sculptural forms in bronze and fibreglass.

The exhibit includes more than 30 sculptures together with Yavneh’s original doodle collages, plus a “Doodle Art Book” kit created by Liu and Yavneh. The pages in the kit illustrate the sources of Liu’s inspirations.

Yavneh’s sketches read like a psychoanalyst’s dream: rife with arrows, radiating shapes, concentric lines, shark- and sperm-like forms, boomerangs, vessels, trumpets, and wishbones among countless other squiggles. Liu has brought various tiny pencil and pen shapes to life in forms ranging from a few inches to four feet in height and width. Included are a 48” fibreglass blob coated with the translucent colour of auto paint; a delicate treble-clef structure with an antiqued bronze finish; a harp shape pierced with a double-headed arrow; a tornado shape and an anchor-like vertical bronze sculpture 32 inches high, both highlighted with touches of flaking blue paint.


Mia Johnson

 Tue, Sep 7, 2010