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Aili Schmeltz, Molly Reilly, Stephanie Dotson:

Portland Art Center
Portland OR – Oct 4-26, 2007

Molly Reilly - WhateverRemains

Molly Reilly, WhateverRemains [Portland Art Center, Portland OR, Oct 4-26]

In Console, three female artists – Aili Schmeltz, Molly Reilly, and Stephanie Dotson – present a collaboration of their work. The three met in 2006 as visiting assistant professors at Indiana University, and a common theme of transience and place in their work hatched Console. Aili Schmeltz incorporates retro consumer materials and speaks to the dualities inherent in the suburban landscape. Molly Reilly takes on objects discarded from a culture of excess and composes vignettes illustrating the overwhelming sense of loss and familiarity with the physical remains of a cultural memory. Stephanie Doston explores gallery installation, illustrative drawings and decorative patterning with digital media.

Stephanie Dotson - Stormdetail

Stephanie Dotson, Stormdetail [Portland Art Center, Portland OR, Oct 4-26]

The installation in general focuses on the artists' personal histories in relation to the eerie landscape of a changing world that has been sculpted by consumer needs and ideals. Unable to separate individual identity from the causes and effects of consumerism, Schmeltz, Reilly and Dotson use their installation as a tool for awareness while keeping the general attitude one of playfulness, humour and introspection.

Aili Schmeltz uses warm and familiar materials like vinyl upholstery and polyester to conjure the nostalgia of her 1970s upbringing. The obvious comfort and convenience inherent in her sculptural works create a parody that forces viewers to question what is often seen as complacent in a suburban reality. Molly Reilly's quiet photographic work includes depictions of the American countryside to evoke a sense of home and place. Stephanie Dotson's visual strategy is rooted in a graphic, illustrative or design-oriented style. With an element of whimsy similar to that found in Schmeltz's work, Dotson's organic forms and animal motifs appear more concerned with the transient edifice of our contemporary outlook on the natural world.


Allyn Cantor

Aili Schmeltz - P1012262

Aili Schmeltz, P1012262 [Portland Art Center, Portland OR, Oct 4-26], P1012262, [Portland Art Center, Portland OR, Oct 4-26]

 Mon, Sep 3, 2007