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Sara Angelucci:
Of Landscape and Light

Richmond Art Gallery
Richmond BC – Sep 21-Nov 4, 2007

Sara Angelucci - Timescape

Sara Angelucci, Timescape (2003), chromogenic print [Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC, Sep 21-Nov 4]

Sara Angelucci is a photo and video artist living in Toronto. Of Landscape and Light, beautifully curated by Karen Henry, brings together landscape photographs from several series of work exploring notions of place, time and light in photography. Angelucci dissects these concepts both technically and in association with meaning and memory by constructing intentionally flawed and fragmented photographs.

Her practice include using double exposures, shooting with toy cameras, leaking light into the camera while shooting, or allowing light to leak onto the negative during processing. The elegant and evocative pictures contain layers of suggestive imagery that are both controlled and the result of unintentional patterns, colours, textures and over-exposures.

Sara Angelucci earned a Master of Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a BFA and a BA at the University of Guelph. She has been the recipient of many awards for her innovative photography and video work. Of Landscape and Light is Angelucci’s first exhibit in British Columbia after showing for years in Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. Her videos have been screened across Canada and included in festivals in Europe and Hong Kong. In 2004, Angelucci had a five-year survey of her work at the MacLaren Centre in Barrie, and in 2006 completed an artist residency in Shanghai, China. She is currently the Director of Toronto’s Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography and has been a photography instructor at the Ontario College of Art and Design since 2001.


Mia Johnson

Sarah Angelucci - Digby Neck

Sarah Angelucci, Digby Neck (2000), chromogenic print [Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC, Sep 21-Nov 4]

Sara Angelucci - Swimmers

Sara Angelucci, Swimmers (2003), chromogenic print [Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC, Sep 21-Nov 4]

 Sun, Sep 2, 2007