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Kevin McGarry, Liberty 3 (1992), digital print,
[Exposure Gallery, Vancouver BC, Sept 10-26]

Kevin McGarry: Photographs

Exposure Gallery
Vancouver, BC Sept 10-26

Kevin McGarry is a British photographer currently on sabbatical leave from Cambridge College. For the past two years, he has been a visiting artist at Emily Carr College of Art and Design. His solo exhibition at Exposure Gallery presents 30 photographs, many taken during McGarry's travels by bike through Europe. McGarry previously has exhibited at Banff's Open Studio (2004), Pixels Exposure Gallery (2003) and in numerous galleries in London and Kent, England.

Using plastic toy cameras his favourites are the Horizon 202, the Action Tracker, and the Readers Digest Panoramic McGarry captures fleeting and blurred glimpses of reality. In this series, he literally unfocusses on images like the reflections in windows of passing buildings and interior settings. He prefers the incomplete glances at reality provided by plastic camera lenses, which more clearly imitate the vignettes of human vision than do the corrected optics of traditional fine cameras.

As he writes, Our eyes focus on relatively small areas at any one instant and it is only by constant and rapid shifting of focus that the forms within an entire field of view are perceived. His photographs, described as visual specimens, provide a sense of reconstructed reality similar to the natural process of visual perception by the brain. As a result, his pictures of airplanes are fascinating while slightly disturbing.

Mia Johnson

 Mon, Sep 13, 2004