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Jack Goldstein: Under Water Sea Fantasy

Presentation House Gallery
North Vancouver BC Sept 16-Oct 24, 2004

Jack Goldstein - Under Water Sea Fantasy
Jack Goldstein, still from Under Water Sea Fantasy (1983-2003), 16mm colour film with sound, [Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, BC, Sept 16-Oct 24]

Presentation House Gallery is featuring a film by Montreal-born artist Jack Goldstein that was screened at New Yorks 2003 Whitney Biennial. Goldstein, one of the first graduates of the California School of Fine Arts (CalArts) in 1972, was best known for his early 1970s film loops that reconstructed and transformed stock photographs and film footage. He left in his films the essence of such images as a barking dog, a solitary high diver or a pair of people fencing.

Goldstein began making his short colour film Under Water Sea Fantasy in 1983 and finished it shortly before his death by suicide in March, 2003. During the intervening years, he focussed his energies on painting scores of pristine airbrushed works of dramatic spectacles like a burning house, fighter jets or a lightning storm with the aid of up to seven assistants. Under Water Sea Fantasy employs footage of sea life, volcanic eruptions and a lunar eclipse in a serene yet violent, continuously looping structure. As he once wrote, Dangerous objects are glamorous places to be.

Goldstein's prestigious exhibition record includes the 2001 Basel Art Fair and retrospectives of his work at the Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart and Le Magasin, Grenoble. Books on Jack Goldstein are available in the bookshop at Presentation House Gallery. The exhibition was produced with assistance from the Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne and the Jack Goldstein Estate.


Mia Johnson

 Tue, Feb 3, 2009