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Pim Sekeris: Vancouver

Jacana Gallery
Vancouver BC Jun 2-28, 2005

Pim Sekeris - Wilderness
Pim Sekeris, Wilderness (2005), oil on linen [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 2-28]

The Jacana Gallery is featuring an exhibition of Pim Sekeris’ most recent oil paintings of Vancouver cityscapes and West Coast landscapes. Sekeris’ high realist postcard-like views of downtown, the mountains and harbour are startling in their magical treatment of light. The subjects seem imbued with atmospheric colour and diffused light. In this exhibit, Sekeris’ photorealistic representations of Vancouver’s rapidly-changing cityscape and his depiction of its heritage buildings capture memories for the future.

Pim Sekeris - Gastown
Pim Sekeris, Gastown (2005), oil on linen [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 2-28]

Sekeris grew up in a small Dutch village near Gouda and trained at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Rotterdam. His images recall the classical principles of the Dutch 17th century school, which have influenced his approach. His style has been described as both romantic and surrealist for the lighting conditions and idealized compositions. For several years he taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal.

Pim Sekeris -  Generations
Pim Sekeris, Generations (2005), oil on linen [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 2-28]

Pim Sekeris - Reflection
Pim Sekeris, Reflection (2005), oil on linen [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 2-28]

After doing smaller versions on site to capture the mood, Sekeris painstakingly recreates the final pieces in his studio with the assistance of photographs and sketches. Major international corporations in Canada, Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and France have commissioned his work. Sekeris currently makes his home in Montreal, where he continues to complete twelve paintings a year in his highly-detailed, lyrical version of reality.


Mia Johnson

 Tue, May 31, 2005