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Ingrid Mary Percy: Supra

Deluge Gallery
Victoria BC Jun 24-Jul 31, 2005

Ingrid Mary Percy - Views of Venice
Ingrid Mary Percy, Views of Venice (French 1882-1956), oil on canvas [Deluge Gallery, Victoria BC, Jun 24-Jul 31]

Housed in a 19th Century firehall, Deluge Contemporary Art is a new fine art gallery seeking to widen the commercial scope of galleries by emphasizing curatorial initiatives and critical dialogue in its Victoria location. Deluge succeeds Rogue Art, which from 1991 promoted hundreds of exhibitions of work by new and established regional artists and presented the media arts festival “Antimatter” for eight years. The new venue houses both Deluge and the Antimatter Underground Film Festival. Director and Curator Deborah de Boer plans to organize international exhibitions and exchanges, as well as, comprehensive one-person exhibitions.

The gallery’s inaugural show is a series of drawings by Victoria artist Ingrid Mary Percy. In Supra, Percy uses a Spirograph toy, advertised as “the perfect marriage of science and art”, to create a fantasy world of swirling geometric forms that evoke microscopic organisms and invisible systems. The drawings in Supra allow viewers to perceive these natural forms and systems as complex, beautiful structures, detached from the disturbing implications and consequences of viral and bacterial existence in the natural world.

Ingrid Mary Percy studied visual art at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver (BFA, DFA, 1995) and at the University of Victoria (MFA, 1997). Her work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions internationally for over ten years. The artist currently teaches painting and drawing in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Victoria.


Mia Johnson

 Tue, May 31, 2005