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Daniel Kaven: Divorce

Gallery 500
Portland OR Jul 7-29, 2005

Daniel Kaven - Top of Stairs
Daniel Kaven, Top of Stairs (2005), thermal transfer and acrylic on canvas [Gallery 500,Portland OR, Jul 7-29]

Oregon artist and filmmaker Daniel Kaven presents his first solo show at Gallery 500 this summer. Kaven’s multimedia work engages viewers in the painful and heightened family dynamics experienced by children of divorced parents. Composed of mixed media canvases and installations, Divorce is an intriguing documentary told through Kaven’s sensitive narratives.

Working from a cinematic perspective, Kaven writes fictional dramas. His photographic images are highly manipulated by both digital and tactile methods, yielding pieces that more closely resemble photorealistic paintings. Kaven instills the emotional depth of his own childhood experience with divorcing parents in the portraits of other subjects.

Daniel Kaven - Annabella
Daniel Kaven, Annabella (2005), thermal transfer and acrylic on canvas [Gallery 500,Portland OR, Jul 7-29]

Annabella and Vincent, for example, were photographed during the last hours that they spent in their family home. In Volvo, an installation that includes actual automobile seats, viewers sit and watch the car ride to Annabella and Vincent’s new home. Other photographs provide a glimpse of their mother as she wrestles with her difficult feelings. Kaven provides an empathetic look at these family situations.

Daniel Kaven - Vincent
Daniel Kaven, Vincent (2005), thermal transfer and acrylic on canvas [Gallery 500,Portland OR, Jul 7-29]

Infused with the music of Norwegian-born composer Brede Rørstad, Kaven’s multimedia work presents an intimate portrait of divorce. Rørstad’s handwritten composing process is also woven into Kaven’s works, and Rørstad’s string quartet will perform live at the opening reception July 7 at 6pm.


Allyn Cantor

 Tue, May 31, 2005