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Sherry Karver: Amusement Park Series

Lisa Harris Gallery
Seattle WA Jun 2-Jul 2, 2005

Sherry Karver - One Last Ride
Sherry Karver, One Last Ride (2005), oil and photograph on paper [Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle WA, Jun 2-Jul 2]

The imagery in Sherry Karver’s new work is captivating in an unusual, nostalgic sense. Using photographs taken at various fairs and parks, Karver constructs black and white compositions on a computer. By capturing random movements, Karver acts as an observer of these dreamy affairs. Ferris wheels tower above the horizon and silhouettes fly through the air on a swing ride at dusk, evoking sensations of youth and freedom. Painting over the works with layers of transparent glaze, Karver imitates the distinctive cotton candy colouring of 1950s vacation postcards.

Combined with notions of fantasy, the transformation from day to night provides an ominous shift in perception. Evocative and somewhat mysterious, Karver’s lighthearted works question our journeys through life. The time frozen intervals reveal the temporal reality of our existence. In the shadows, Karver brings a conscious awareness that we are living in passing moments right now. The point of time where her figures meet in motion is often blurred into a pattern of rhythmic dark and light emphasizing the human condition that the artist terms “collectively alone.”

Sherry Karver - Flying Bobs and Corn Dogs
Sherry Karver, Flying Bobs and Corn Dogs (2005), oil and photo imagery [Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle WA, Jun 2-Jul 2]

Sherry Karver is a San Francisco Bay area artist and instructor at Laney College in Oakland, CA. Her work has been exhibited in Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.


Allyn Cantor

 Tue, May 31, 2005