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The Romantic Vision of Michael Brophy

Hallie Ford Museum
Salem OR – Jun 4-Aug 27, 2005

Michael Brophy -  Gorge
Michael Brophy
, Gorge (1999), oil on canvas [Hallie Ford Museum, Salem OR, Jun 4-Aug 27]

Michael Brophy is a significant artist in Northwest landscape painting. As a Portland native, he has a contemporary, regional perspective which he uses to reveal changes in the environment, mainly from the effects of industry and logging. Painted from his own experiences and observations, Brophy’s dramatic documentation of old tree stumps, clear-cut remains and panoramas of the scarred Columbia River Valley underscore humanity’s disregard for the land.

Michael Brophy - Water
Michael Brophy, Water [polytych], detail (2000), oil on canvas [Hallie Ford Museum, Salem OR, Jun 4-Aug 27]

In addition, Brophy inserts his personal take on what he sees around us with witty titles informing his allegories. The insightful paintings examine relationships between societal development and natural resources, paying close attention to the kinds of political attitudes that ignore the reality and necessity of sustainable practices. Through his work, viewers come to understand why the local landscape looks the way it does. In addition to providing a contemporary viewpoint, he points to historical events, such as the effects of early commerce and trading on native culture. His imagery reminds viewers of our current civilization’s imbalance with its habitat.

Michael Brophy - Fire
Michael Brophy, Fire (1995), oil on canvas [Hallie Ford Museum, Salem OR, Jun 4-Aug 27]

The Romantic Vision of Michael Brophy features work drawn from twelve years of the artist’s career, as well as, works from collections in Oregon, Washington and California. Organized by the Hallie Ford Museum and the Tacoma Art Museum, it will tour to the Tacoma Art Museum, October through January 2005. A catologue accompanies the exhibition.


Allyn Cantor

 Tue, May 31, 2005