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Mia Weinberg: The Tulip and the Fly

Waterfront Gallery Lounge, Waterfront Theatre
Vancouver BC Jun 16-Jul 4, 2004

Mia Weinberg – Untitled Tulip
Mia Weinberg, Untitled Tulip (2004), C print photogram [Waterfront Gallery Lounge, Vancouver BC, Jun 16-Jul 4]

The gorgeous photographs of Vancouver artist Mia Weinberg are brilliant in colour and fine as xrays in detail. Presented in large-scale macroscopic formats, the luminous flowers, insects and leaves are like supernatural apparitions.

To create the photograms, Weinberg places natural objects in the enlarger where film negatives would normally go, and then briefly exposes paper and transparencies. She manipulates the exposures to simultaneously produce views of both the interior and exterior organic matter.

Weinberg previously has taken part in collaborative projects with artists Kate Collie, Simone Orlando and Danielle April. Her work included imagery projected onto front-lit and backlit panels up to eighteen feet in length, and extensive installations utilizing projected imagery and sound.

With up to five slide projects and two video monitors, Weinberg built brilliant architectural spaces defined only by light and colour. Her work has also included huge photo constructions combining shifts in viewpoint, similar to the Polaroid collages of David Hockney, but massive in scale.

“Art in the Waterfront” is a new program designed by the Granville Island Cultural Society to give visual artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in an informal gallery setting. The shows are open during the theatre schedule. For more information about Weinberg's work, visit


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Jun 4, 2004