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Mark Woolley Gallery
Portland OR Aug 3-28, 2004

Jay Ferranti - Weird Sisters
Jay Ferranti, Weird Sisters (2002), mixed media [Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland OR, Aug 3-28]

The terms Outsider art and Art Brut describe the work of self-taught people who create their own art techniques and who design objects using materials outside the conventions of the established art world. The subjects are often enigmatic and idiosyncratic. In this exhibit of miniatures, outsider artist Anne Grgich brings together an unforgettable selection of mixed media paintings, photographs, and assemblages.

Although constructed in the miniature, the pieces exhibit an eccentric, primordial energy and convey strong original psychological states. The artists create from a place of raw vision and unbound expression that has not been tainted or conditioned by formal artistic techniques and training. The show includes work by Anne Grgich, Cathy Ward, Jay Ferranti, Damian and Delaine and Julian Le Bas, JR Williams, Bill Bradburd, Linda Pollack, Eileen Doman, Della Wells, James Lancaster, Kevin Sampson, Lauren Atkinson and Donald Green, Paul Gasoi, Robert Collison, and Robin Oliver. Oliver will also play cello at the opening reception.

Cathy Ward- Four States
Cathy Ward

Cathy Ward of the U.K. is one of the notable artists featured. Her detailed, almost compulsive, scratchboard drawings provoke multiple interpretations. The spiraling forms are reminiscent of ocean waves, locks of hair, or woven and braided patterns. The combination of intricate line work and feminine energy give Ward’s pieces their distinct voice.

Anne Grgich’s collage paintings and one-of-a kind books are filled with exotic and mysterious characters manifested through obsessive layers of collage, text, overpainting and experimental materials. The artist’s curious originality takes viewers into the dense world of her emotions.

Allyn Cantor

 Thu, Jun 3, 2004