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Interface: The New Victoria Open

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Victoria BC Jun 25-Sep 5, 2004

Zoe Kreye - Audio Blueprint Gifford House
Zoe Kreye, Audio Blueprint Gifford House (2004),wood, glue, audio equipment [Art Gallery of Victoria, Victoria BC, Jun 25-Sep 5]

In January 2004, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria proposed a group exhibit based on artists' notions of the word “interface”. A call for submissions to The New Victoria Open resulted in more than 120 responses from artists on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Guest curator Linda Sawchyn selected work by 15 artists that she found to be “challenging, informed and competent”. Included are Fran Benton, Tamsin Clark, Marianne Corless, Gwen Curry, Megan Dickie, Zoe Kreye, Louise Monfette, D. Bradley Muir, Ingrid Percy, Robert Randall, Dale Roberts, Paul Romaniak, Dianna Lynn Thompson and Jeroen Witvliet.

Definitions for "interface" from The Funk and Wagnall Standard College Dictionary were provided as catalysts. The term could be interpreted as a surface forming the common boundary between elements; as a place at which independent systems meet and communicate with each other; or as a methodology designed to communicate information from one system to another. The exhibit presents the artists' reactions using many types of media. While initially inspired by last year's provincial forest fires, the theme of Interface was expressed in terms of the past, present and future consequences of a quickly eroding urban/rural boundary; or the meeting place of different entities, whether physical, emotional or spiritual; or a system or language constructed for the purpose of communication between animals, humans and/or machines.

This exhibition follows the success of the first Victoria Open in 2001, EyeCandy, at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Visitors are invited to join a different artist from Interface for a talk about their work every Saturday at 2pm, from July 3rd to September 4th.

Mia Johnson

 Thu, Jun 3, 2004