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Randy Hayes: Birds of Mississippi

Laura Russo Gallery
Seattle WA Jun 3-Jul 17, 2004

Madeline Wood - Four on the Move
Randy Hayes, Birds of Mississippi (2003), oil paint on photographs, pushpins [G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle WA, Jun 3-Jul 17]

Seattle artist Randy Hayes was born in Jackson, Mississippi. In previous exhibitions, travels to India, China and Europe have been the focus of his work. The current show uses familiar views and subject matter from his birthplace as its content.

Hayes creates dynamic tension between painted images and photographic images by painting over his work creating an elusive combination of painting and photography. He combines a series of snapshots in background grids that convey multiple views and moments, then paints on top of them with semi-transparent glazes and background washes. The result of these hybrid works is a nostalgic narrative that alludes to quiet personal memories and invites intimacy. The multi-layered surfaces become ethereal stories told through simultaneous images that are captivating and hypnotic, much like a dream. Hayes intends his artworks to connect viewers with their own personal histories by examining those overlooked moments that seem less than ordinary, yet remain embedded in our subconscious.

Randy Hayes - Elegy for Aunt Pete
Randy Hayes, Elegy for Aunt Pete (2004), oil paint on photographs, pushpins [G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle WA, Jun 3-Jul 17]

Randy Hayes, Joyce (2004), chromogenic print [G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA, Jun 3-Jul 17]

Randy Hayes – Joyce

Randy Hayes – Holly Springs Pilgrimage #2 MS
Randy Hayes, Holly Springs Pilgrimage #2 MS (2004), chromogenic print [G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle WA, Jun 3-Jul 17]

A number of Hayes’ chromogenic prints such as Holly Springs and Vote for Jesus are included in the exhibition. These pieces reveal the subtle quirks and characteristics that distinguish the southern United States. Sometimes these photographs are the inspiration for Hayes’ paintings. Cross-references in his imagery, such as those found in the colour photograph Joyce and the large scale mixed-media piece Mississippi Birds, work to extend the relationships found in Hayes’ dual media works.

Allyn Cantor

 Thu, Jun 3, 2004